Since 1998, The Tiny's Demolition & Recycling team specialize in providing safe and cost- effective solutions

for any small or large-scale demolition project.

We offer recycling, deconstruction, asset recovery, and abatement services for a broad range of both private and public clients.

Our management team possess an extensive and diverse depth of knowledge capable of providing innovative technical approaches to any complex demolition project.

Our mission is to meet or exceed all budget and scheduling goals while ensuring strict compliance of health and safety regulations.


"I take great pride in managing the demands of my clients in a timely, economical and

professional manner."– Bill Fay, President


Commitment to Safety: Tiny’s Construction prides itself on making safety our primary responsibility during all stages of a demolition project.

We do so by implementing a consistent training regimen that includes weekly “Tool-Box Training”,

daily job-specific safety huddles and instilling values in our employees that foster a safety-first mentality.




Tiny's Construction, LLC provides demolition and recycling services for the Nashville, TN market. We're specialists in large or small demolition / Subcontractor for private or public projects.