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Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling is recognized as one of the top demolition contractors in the industry. We provide demolition and recycling services in the Nashville, TN market and across the country. We have over twenty years of experience in the industry. We specialize in any range of small or large demolition projects for both private and public clients. We offer the safest and most-effective methods to all projects. We understand how important deadlines are in the construction world. Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling makes sure that your project remains on track to adhere to your schedule while remaining within your budget. No demolition project is ever the same, so at Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling, our team will come up with the most cost-effective plan to meet your needs and deadlines. There is no demolition project our team and our crews can’t handle!



Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling offers some of the best residential demolition services across the industry. Any portion of a home to complete home demolition, we got you covered. We have done everything from bathroom guts to roof demolition to floor removal to complete structure demolition. Our team provides the safest, cleanest, and most efficient methods to any residential demolition project. 


We specialize in all types of residential demolition projects. Single and multi-family homes, apartment complexes, and condominiums, our residential demolition services are some of the best in the industry. Want to remove a section of your home for a new addition? Maybe you want to build something new on a piece of land but need to remove a structure. Or if you just want a change and require some demolition work. At Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling we are here to help with any residential demolition project, no matter how big or small!



Malls, strip malls, medical offices, hospitals, commercial office buildings, banks, restaurants, theaters – Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling has years of experience in a variety of commercial demolition projects. Any shape, size or purpose for a building, we have done it. Like with many of Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling services, no project is ever the same and we create a plan and approach unique to every project. 



We have innovative equipment and techniques to ensure professional, safe, and clean work within whatever confines a building may throw at us. We are just as comfortable “white boxing” an office on the 12th floor of a building, as we are taking that entire building down and everything in between. We will follow all guidelines and restrictions to ensure that our work is done responsibly and with as little effect as possible on any other businesses or residents in the area.



Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling is very familiar with the complexities and technicalities that come with industrial demolition projects. Plants, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities are some of the industrial demolition projects that we have experience working in.



Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling has worked for Fortune Global 500 Companies within in the Industrial Demolition space. These jobs often require great attention to safety, technicality, and adherence to strict deadlines. Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling excels at all of these parameters and takes great pride in being among the most trusted Demolition Contractors for this specific type of demolition.





Keeping our environment safe is also one of our top priorities and that is why we take environmental conservancy seriously at Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling. We sort thru the demolition debris and recycle everything that we can to minimize as much waste on a jobsite as we possibly can. Whether it is scrap metal or concrete, we make sure no materials are wasted on our job sites. We have a lot of experience working on LEED certified jobs and are happy to work with customers closely on minimizing waste. 



Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling roots are in jobsite cleanups. Safety and jobsite cleanliness go hand in hand, and no one understands that more than us. Our jobsite cleanliness is one of the main things that sets us apart from our competitors. We are well equipped and prepared to go in between trades and make sure that the jobsite is clean and safe, not only just for our crews, but for all other trades and workers that are on the jobsite as well. 



Pre-Demolition Planning

Every job has unique hazards and parameters. Prior to demolition on any project Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling develops a JobSite Specific Safety Plan (JSSP). The JSSP identifies all possible hazards, scope means & methods, safety operating procedures, involved personnel contact information, nearest medical facilities information, all pertinent Safety Data Sheets, and equipment information accompanied with employee certifications.

Classroom/Equipment Training

Training parameters for all employees are set to comply with OSHA Construction Standards and Rules. Employees complete a 10-hour OSHA course, a new hire and annual Safety Orientation as well as ToolBox trainings every Wednesday and daily tool-box talks.  Classes are offered in Spanish and English. 

Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling ensures every employee who operates heavy equipment receives appropriate training and continual training.  Brokk operators, forklift, lull, aerial, boom lifts and excavator operators are trained on how to safely operate equipment as well as working around other trades to maintain an accident-free workplace.

Safety Audits

Daily safety inspections and audits ensure training and safe procedures are implemented on a regular basis.  These reports are reviewed directly with company ownership and management as well as project managers and employees.  Site visits allow Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling to track project & safety progress, implement hands on training and set parameters for future training goals.



Do you have a demolition project, but not in the Nashville area? Not a problem, Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling has experience working across the country. Outside of the greater Nashville market and throughout Tennessee, we have worked on projects in Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, to name a few. Send us a message to see if we come to your state!