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Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling has been in business in Nashville for over 20 years, so our roots run deep here. When disaster strikes, we are there to help pick up the pieces. We will help get you on track to restoring your home, business, or any structure that has been impacted. Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling is committed to this community and we are there to help when emergencies happen.


Whether your entire building requires a complete structure demolition or just a portion of the structure removed, Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling has got you covered. Some of our emergency/disaster services include partial and complete structure dismantling, debris clean up and floor removal. We will have a plan unique to your circumstances. We make sure every emergency and/or disaster relief demolition project is carefully handled in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Our ability to mobilize quickly is something that sets us apart from other demolition contractors. Our clients know they can trust us whenever disaster strikes.


Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling understands the importance of historic conservation. Our knowledge and experience of what materials can be saved helps maintain the integrity and preserve any historical structure. Our operators are fully capable of using our machines and equipment to effectively conserve historic structures.


In 2020, our Nashville community experienced two major and unfortunate disasters. In March, a devastating tornado hit Nashville, TN, and the surrounding areas. On Christmas morning, an explosion occurred in downtown Nashville near the Second Avenue Historic District. Both events caused severe damage to various buildings in and around the city. Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling had boots on the ground to help with the disaster relief. Our crews were cleaning up various businesses and residences that were impacted by these disasters. 


TORNADO – March 2020

During the night of March 2nd into the morning of March 3rd, 2020, a deadly tornado ran through Tennessee hitting Northern and East Nashville. Countless homes and businesses across the city were impacted by the storm. 

We had an opportunity to use our knowledge and resources to have a positive impact where disaster greatly impacted our city. Our crews helped clean up and relieve several residences, businesses, and warehouses across the Nashville community. Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling had a helping hand in restoring several homes and businesses that were impacted by the tornado.



On Christmas morning, December 25, 2020, a bomb detonated in a van parked on 2nd Avenue in the heart of Downtown Nashville. Multiple businesses and residences in the Second Avenue Historic District were left completely destroyed.

Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling is proud to have had a helping hand in the disaster relief efforts for several of the buildings that were impacted by the explosion. Our crews helped clean up the wreckage, assisted in residences recovering any assets that remained, and deconstructing what was left of the buildings. Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling was able to recover as many bricks and materials as possible in efforts to restore the famous historic district.





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