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IBCW Commitment

Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling is always keeping up with the latest and most innovative methods and technology. We provide the safest and most efficient methods to each project. We are capable of tackling the most complex and technical demolition jobs. With over twenty years of experience working with heavy equipment, we have the knowledge and resources for any demolition project. Brokks, excavators, lifts, lulls, skid steers, Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling has the equipment and tools necessary to complete all demolition projects safely and effectively. 


Our operators have put in countless hours working with heavy equipment and machinery. Their extensive experience operating these machines is one of the many reasons why we are one of the top demolition contractors in the nation. We use creative and innovative methods when using our machines to maximize efficiency. Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling ensures every employee who operates heavy equipment receives appropriate training and continual training. Every employee in the field completes a 10-hour OSHA course. BROKK operators, forklift, lull, aerial, boom lifts, and excavator operators are trained on how to safely operate equipment as well as working around other trades to maintain an accident-free workplace. Crew members that do not operate heavy equipment are also trained how to work safely around the machines when they are in use.



Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling BROKK Division is unmatched across the industry. Our long history of working with these machines has contributed to the outstanding success in the division and has provided us the best operators in the business. We have experience using Brokk machines on all project sizes. Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling can utilize our Brokks for any complete or partial demolition.


BROKK machines are small and powerful remotely controlled demolition robots. They offer safety and efficiency that is unmatched in the demolition equipment world. Safety is and always will be the first priority at Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling. BROKK’s are capable of fitting into tight spaces that would normally be seen as dangerous for typical, bigger machines. Brokks give off zero emissions, further expanding their uses and maximizing safety on job sites. Because they are controlled by remote, our operators can effectively operate the machines from a safe distance and out of harm’s way. These hydraulic powered machines are capable of operating with various tools to fit any job requirement. Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling owns several Brokk machines of all sizes to fulfill your demolition project’s needs.


Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling can use Brokk machines in multiple different methods. They give us the capabilities to dig bedrock underneath structures, fit into tight spaces bigger excavators cannot fit into and they are pound-for-pound a more powerful machine. In the past we have used these machines for projects such as, removing bank vaults, demo parking garages and clearing out over 100 square feet of bedrock under a structure.




These multi-purpose machines can be useful for just about every demolition project. Having several different sized excavators in our fleet along with several attachments for them, we can use our excavators to complete your demolition project safely and effectively.

Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling has the equipment and the trained manpower for hand excavation for all your landscaping needs. From French drainage trenching to crawlspace dig-outs and everything in between, Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling has you covered.




Removing floors is a very common scope of work on many demolition projects. This machine is essential to our floor removal process. Our experienced operators can have your floor removed in the safest and most efficient manner.



Mainly used for digging and carrying loads, these versatile machines have a variety of uses for any demolition project. Different attachments can be used to fit your demolition project’s needs. Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling operators are well experienced using these machines safely and efficiently.


In addition to our fleet of heavy equipment and machines, Tiny’s Demolition & Recycling is prepared with the tools in order to fulfill your job requirements. We make sure all of our crews are equipped with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required on any job site, as well as complying with OSHA standards. PPE includes but not limited to, high visibility apparel, hard hats, safety goggles/glasses, respirators/masks, and gloves. From duct tape to dingo’s, we make sure our crews are well equipped and prepared to complete your project safely and on schedule.


During the pre-construction phase of a project, our team puts together a proposal that will include all the equipment required to complete the project. Once awarded the project, we assign the best operators and crews specific to the project’s scope of work.


Drop us a line if you want to know more about our equipment and machines, and how they can help you complete your next demolition project!